Growing trees from seed is not a complicated task, but it requires knowledge and the ability to recognize specific tree species based off of their leaf shape and bark. Hopefully this website can serve as a guide for you in your beginning steps to a forestry master.

Within this site you will find Propagation and helpful tips for you in your efforts to plant your very own tree. The first step to learn how to identify trees, this involves learning terminology and recognizable patterns. These can be found under the ‘Help for Beginners’ section.

The second step includes: knowing when seeds for your tree can be collected, knowing your tree’s germination method, finding out when, where, and how to plant your own tree. Trees are different in their germination, sprouting, and growing patterns require different treatments. Fortunately none of the processes are incredibly involved and do have varying degrees of difficulty and management necessary. Skill levels for these trees will also be indicated.

I hope that this site will help you in your tree growing endeavors, as I know firsthand it can be challenging to find good facts about trees and how they grow. Leave a comment if you have any questions and I will make sure to respond as I know this can be confusing.